God Cares for His Children

January 10, 2007 at 11:31 am (Testimony)

From time to time, the Lord has comforted and strengthened me with the promises of His Word. Whether it be times of dire needs, sickness, sadness, opposition, or disappointments, the Lord always has a word of promise to cheer me. My heart is full of thanksgiving for the voice of His assurances in the Scripture. O how I love to meditate His Word in all my struggles, for it gives me courage, strength, and direction when I need them most.In recent years, one of the disturbing problems I had to endure was the receding gums. It has caused many of my healthy looking teeth to be removed as they came very loose, causing swelling and pain in my gum. When I sought treatment in National Dental Centre, I was firstly told that I have a very serious periodontal disease. After a couple of sessions of initial examinations and dental care, I was briefed on the surgical procedures that I need to undergo to correct the bone degeneration in my gum and the eventual implanting of new teeth. When the doctor told me about the cost involved, I knew that I will not able to continue with the recommended procedure. I walked away from NDC, feeling very disappointed.

The Doctor’s advice was – Since there is not enough bone in the jaw to support the teeth, a bone graft is required, or the stimulation of natural or synthetic bone growth. This is urgently needed in the upper jaw, underneath the sinus cavities. Further time is needed to the whole dental implant surgery process. 

(You can have a fairly good idea of the treatment for severe periodontal diesase (gum disease) and implant of teeth and the cost of it from the following website: http://pennsylvania-cosmetic-dentist.com/)

I knew that I am faced with a real difficult situation of loosing more teeth. With very little bones left in the gum, I would not be even able to wear dentures. I felt helpless, but chose not to let this issue affect my heart. So I prayed to the Lord and left the matter with Him, and focused on the work He has given me to do.My parents and dear wife were very concerned about my situation. They kept praying about it. Though my wife tried to save up little by little, when there were very urgent needs in the ministry that the Lord has committed to us, we were moved by the Lord to give that sum to meet the needs in the Lord’s work. The Lord soon moved to provide for my treatment. He takes care of His servants. Praise the Lord!

One of the 200 over people who faithfully attended my Thursday night lectures on “Principle and Practice of Prayer” in Far Eastern Bible College was a dental surgeon. I had no knowledge that he was a dental surgeon. It was someone who knew my periodontal problem related it to the doctor and his wife. (I think the informant is a good friend of mine in the Lord). They approached me and invited me to their clinic for an evaluation of my situation. I came home and shared with my wife of the amazing way in which the Lord has brought to me the treatment for my periodontal problem. We prayed with thanksgiving. Yesterday, I have undergone the first stage of my treatment – removal of my front teeth and the synthetic born graft in the front part of my upper jaw.

Though I suffered a bit of pain after the operation, the Lord has granted me much relief. Today I feel almost no pain. There is swelling on the upper lip. But according to the doctors it will go away in about 5 to 6 days.

The Lord has once again proved Himself faithful, loving and caring to my family and I. Yes, He cares for His servants, “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” (Ephesians 3:20).

As I thank the Lord for His goodness, I also thank the doctors and all the dear brethren in the Lord who have been praying for me, and those who have shown much love toward me. Thank you all for your comforting emails, sms messages, telephone calls, prayers, etc.

I prayerfully wait for the Lord to completely heal me that I may quickly return to the work He has given me in FEBC, Gethsemane B-P church, and in other places.

God cares for all His children! Amen.


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